Lexelle-sponsored Taylor Mackenzie headed to Cadwell Park with what he thought was an upset stomach.
Taylor MacKenzie Cadwell

Taylor MacKenzie

But four laps into practice, he was diagnosed with appendicitis.
Taylor was immediately sent to Leicester Royal Infirmary, where after a day’s observation, he was operated on to rectify the problem.
“I woke up early on Friday with pains in my stomach but thought nothing of it until I started feeling unwell later that morning,” Taylor said.
“The circuit medical staff were brilliant as they fast tracked me to having my appendix removed.
“I’m sore but hoping I’ll be fit to ride in under two weeks time at Oulton Park. I missed some valuable time on the bike but these things happen and are totally outside anyone’s control!
His brother Tarran’s weekend was looking much more positive as he posted sub lap record laps throughout practice while improving his bike set up to the best it has been all season.
Tarran MacKenzie

Tarran MacKenzie

He eventually qualified in pole position for Sunday’s race with the fastest lap of his class over the weekend and 0.7 seconds under the 2014 lap record.
Unfortunately he made an uncharacteristic mistake while leading on the the first lap and crashed out of the race.
“I’ve had limited track time at Cadwell Park over the past few years so was really happy with my pace throughout practice,” Tarran said.
“It seemed only the championship leader could get close to my lap times in practice so I was confident going into the race.
“I made a good start but misjudged my braking marker on the back straight then locked my front wheel up on the corner entry.
“The championship is probably out of my grasp now so I will focus on winning races over the remaining three rounds.  I was totally devastated to crash out so can only apologise to everyone for this mistake.”