Motor Legal Expenses Insurance

Lexelle Motor Legal Expenses Insurance

Lexelle is a specialist wholesaler of Motor Legal Expenses Insurance (MLEI).

  • We have 25 years’ experience in all classes of both private and commercial insurance with a consultative approach, the ability to white label products and to partner quickly with new Broker connections, training included as required
  • At Lexelle we have our own dedicated in-house claims team (broker and insurance company trained) plus our own Group Law Firm PM Law who provide excellent service to our Customers – a true One Stop Shop
  • We always seek to offer the best solution for your customers – honest advice from day one; if the insured does not have a claim, we will advise them of this and the best way to solve issues

Our products and services are provided to:

  • Insurers
  • MGA’s
  • Insurance Brokers and Intermediaries

MLEI is an additional cover you can offer your motor insurance customers to cover the costs of pursuing their legal rights in a range of circumstances.

As a motor insurance policy provider, there are two key reasons why it’s a good policy to offer MLEI.

  1. Motor policies only ever cover damage, repair or replacement of the vehicle, and not the payment of legal fees if, for example, your customer is injured and wishes to seek compensation, needs to pay for medical care or recover lost income.
  2. Selling MLEI as an additional cover generates additional revenue streams and where offered appropriately, provides real customer benefits driving customer loyalty and brand reputation benefits to your business.

What’s included on a Motor Legal Expenses insurance policy?

There are a range of covers that can be included:

This provides cover for the legal fees your customer would otherwise incur in pursuing a claim for damages against the at fault party.
In the event of a motor claim, your customer pays their policy excess and has to buy any replacement personal items damaged or destroyed in an accident – a laptop in the boot or a bicycle on the roof – these may not be insured. Having MLEI gives your customer protection from the legal fees incurred in recovering the cost of these items.
Where your customer faces a criminal prosecution for even a minor motor offence Motor Prosecution Defence cover gives your customer protection from the expensive legal fees incurred where, for example, a customer faces a speeding offence or is accused of running a red light.
This will cover your customer’s legal fees where they wish to pursue a claim against a business with whom they contracted to buy or hire vehicle related goods and services from. For example, a dispute with a repair garage which causes vehicle damage or fails to carry out a service to a proper standard.
Where your customer’s vehicle is damaged during an accident, it could take days or weeks for a repair to be completed and the cost of a hire vehicle may not be included on their motor policy. Cover can be provided on an appropriate basis to ensure your customer isn’t left stranded without transport.

Lexelle’s flexible approach to MLEI service provision

  • First Notification of Loss (FNOL) services. For any motorist, being involved in an accident is a stressful event. Provision of a truly helpful FNOL service means that your customers have a straightforward means to inform the relevant services of the accident and peace of mind in knowing the claim is being managed professionally for them.
  • 24/7 Legal Advice Helpline. Obtaining legal advice can be an expensive business. For your customers who choose to take up MLEI, Lexelle will provide access to legally qualified advisors on ANY legal motoring matter.

We know that your customers have different needs, from high net worth customers to brand new drivers and everyone in between. All customers deserve outstanding service from a cost effective product relevant to them. No matter what your specific requirements may be, Lexelle has a solution for you and your customers.

To find out more about working with Lexelle, simply call our Group Head of Sales, Jay Curtis, on 07874 628028.