bigstockphoto_Ignition_Key_1188893New research has revealed that many young drivers and their parents are still reluctant to take out black box insurance due to some of the myths and misconceptions about how it works.

Black box (or telematics) insurance is a policy which requires you to install a device in your vehicle that monitors things like your speed, braking, mileage and cornering ability.

It even notes the number of journeys you make and how many rest stops you take on long trips, to determine how safe and skilled a driver you are.

However, Admiral, a provider of black box insurance, has surveyed 2,000 UK motorists with the results suggesting that a huge number of motorists are misinformed.

The survey revealed that 12 per cent of motorists mistakenly believe data collected is passed onto the police to prove a driver has been speeding.

Three out of ten (30 per cent) think insurers share the data they record with each other and 17 per cent think data is stored forever, none of which are true in the case of Admiral which carried out the survey.

Among the stranger beliefs people have about the black box are that it drains the battery (believed by 9%), that it can record conversations in the car (believed by five per cent) and that it can turn down a stereo (believed by four per cent).

Jo Garcia, head of telematics at Admiral, said: “While we can only speak for Admiral LittleBox, none of these misconceptions are true. It’s a shame that so many people believe them, especially if they are stopping them for trying black box insurance.

“The benefit of black box or telematics policies is that they help insurers price their premium based on how you drive as an individual, not how your peer group drives. Young people, who drive safely can really benefit from the discounts offered and get much cheaper insurance.”

The survey also revealed that 83 per cent of young people and their parents would not want black box insurance because they did not like the idea of being tracked.

“One thing which is clear from our research is that many motorists simply don’t understand how black box or telematics insurance works, ” added Miss Garcia.

“Every time we asked people if they thought a statement was true or false around one in three answered ‘don’t know’. I don’t think the amount of misinformation on social media helps this.

“We’d like to inform people of how this type of insurance works so they feel they have enough information to decide for themselves if it’s something they’d like to try.”