With Storm Abigail and Storm Barney hitting the UK in recent weeks, Lexelle looks at what you can do if your home is damaged by severe weather.

High winds, heavy rain and freezing weather can all cause havoc to your property but a few simple steps can help protect you and your family.

  1. Contact your insurance company to log your complaint and seek advice. Most insurance companies offer a 24-hour helpline for customers enabling you to call them immediately.
  2. If possible, take photos or video footage of every room in your home as this will provide evidence to support any claim. Retain samples of damaged carpets, skirting boards, wallpaper etc to show their quality.
  3. Organise a property damage assessment. Most insurers will try and carry out an assessment within 24 hours. If the damage is significant, this could take a little longer. Your insurer will tell you if this is necessary.
  4. Get emergency repair works that will prevent further damage as soon as possible. However, more elaborate or permanent measures should not be taken without prior approval from your insurer.

Other measures include:

  • Don’t use electricity or gas supplies
  • Don’t drink tap water until you’ve been advised that it’s safe to do so
  • Move valuables and essentials to a safe place
  • Transfer food, clothing and televisions upstairs to limit damage, and move furniture away from the walls.

Lexelle’s home emergency policy offers protection and security to your clients in the event of an unexpected home emergency.

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