Lexelle Ltd are proud sponsors of British Superbike stars Taylor and Tarran Mackenzie, both sons of the British Superbike Champion Niall Mackenzie. Taylor Mackenzie updates us with his latest news.

I’m sure you’re all questioning what I could possibly write about as we’re all in lockdown but I’m still very busy preparing for the upcoming race season and I’m enjoying bringing you guys along on the journey with me. I’ve actually been in isolation for the past 10 days but fortunately I received a negative result!

I’ve been using my time in isolation to continue with my training using my indoor bicycle, I recently underwent a fitness test with Loughborough University meaning I have a new, tailored and very intense training plan to get me ready for the upcoming season. The fitness test showed the best results I could have asked for since my accident, I’m back at the same fitness level I was prior to my accident, meaning my leg/knee is strong and ready to fight for a championship! If you’re interested in the boring numbers aspect of my fitness test feel free to check out the video on my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZg3IW8OAPI

I also had my 21st birthday (7th year running) whilst in isolation, obviously I couldn’t do much for this bar long dog walks and lots of eating but it was still enjoyable!

Alongside my training I’ve also been working on a bike restoration project which has certainly given me something to concentrate on during lockdown. I’ve always wanted to work on my own restoration project and then I managed to get the original bike I first learnt to change gears on, aged around 7, which is a Yamaha TY80. I won’t lie it’s been a challenge, I’m no mechanic but with the help of my dad and a few friends the end is in sight and I am so happy with how it’s coming together. It’s safe to say i’ve caught the restoration bug. I have videoed the entire project so far and all of the videos can be found on my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAZcY6mS31E

Because all of the above just doesn’t keep me busy enough I have also been interviewing a few pretty famous racing friends for my YouTube channel. Steve Parish had more than a few funny, explicit and pretty dangerous stories to share a few weeks back and I also had a great catchup with Jonny Rea last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nqjf6cxtsVs

I hope you’ve all been managing to keep yourselves as busy as I have, I think its possibly the only way to survive these lockdowns, my dogs never had so many walks. But, with the latest government announcements we know the end is in sight, we’ll be visiting friends and family and hanging around race tracks in no time. I hope to have a very exciting announcement in next month’s blog about the upcoming race season so keep your eyes peeled.