Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance

Lexelle offer a range of added value products to provide enhanced levels of cover for existing commercial policy holders:


Why Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance?

  • Even in the best run businesses legal disputes can arise, and have substantial cost both in terms of time and money
  • Lexelle’s Commercial Legal Expenses allows business to pursue their rights and defend their position in a range of business related scenarios.
  • Our policies our designed to suit all business needs from Small Businesses with a turnover of up to £250,000 to large businesses with a turnover of up to £10m
  • Plus access to a telephone helpline for practical advice on taxation, VAT, employment, health & safety and general legal issues


Policy Covers in Brief:

  • Legal advice service
  • Employment disputes
  • Financial compensation awards
  • Service occupancy
  • Legal defence
  • Property protection
  • Bodily injury
  • Tax protection
  • Contract disputes
  • Debt recovery

Indemnity limit

  • £50,000 any one claim
  • £500,000 any one period of insurance

Policy covers may vary depending on final product chosen.

For further details please contact our team on 0114 2493300 or email: