Category Main Pic Financial Protection & IFAAround 10 per cent of British homeowners have claimed or will to need to claim on their home insurance as a direct result of their neighbours’ behaviour.

Price comparison website MoneySuperMarket has revealed the most common reasons for neighbour-related claims include property damage from unruly gardens and overgrown trees (29 per cent) and ‘lack of upkeep’ of property.

A further 26 per cent of claimants saying that damage was caused to their house because of neighbours neglecting their property, by leaving guttering unclogged or not repairing roof tiles.

Other claims included those who did so because of a neighbour’s gas leak or burst pipe problems (22 per cent), while nearly a quarter think they will have to claim in the future as a result of this.

Shared walls and fences were among other concerns of homeowners with 29 per cent of the 2,000 participants surveyed saying they think they may have to claim in future because of damage their neighbour has caused.

With claims typically adding around £50 to the average home insurance premium, the potential increase to those homeowners affected by nightmare neighbours would be £157million, based on the number of British households who have claimed or think they will claim in future.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the research also found that one in eight UK homeowners said their neighbours would have a major impact when it came to selling their home.

If you are having trouble with your neighbour, contact your local council or Citizens Advice on 08444 111 444.