Carrie was back at it again over the final weekend for rounds 6 and 7 of the ACU Belles BTC Trial, Ladies British Championship at the Isle of Man.

It was an eventful round 6 on Saturday as Carrie went over the bars and ended up hurting her hand. Carrie managed to pull through day 1 despite her injury to finish 4th. Carrie then had to get ready for day 2, and with her hand still hurting from the previous day she worked hard and Carrie pulled through to finish 4th again, bringing her season to a close.

This is what Carrie had to say: “Round 6 on Saturday wasn’t going too bad until the end of the first lap when I went over the bars in the last section and strained my hand, but thankfully adrenaline pulled me through Day 1 and I finished 4th. Fairly happy with my riding considering some of the sections were quite technical for our route.

And then onto Round 7 on Sunday, I was struggling from the start, my hand was really hurting so I strapped it up the best I could, took some painkillers and cracked on. I didn’t care how many 5’s I got from stopping and crashing, I just cared about finishing. As much as I wish I could’ve just thrown in the towel, I couldn’t, it’s not in my nature to quit and I would’ve been so mad at myself to finish the season by retiring! Many tears were shed from pain and frustration, but I finished and took 4th again.”

Well done Carrie for a strong finish to the season, and we can’t wait for the next one!