Carrie was back riding again, this time in Scunthorpe, for her first time doing the Lakes 2-day trial on the Clubman course. This is a tough national track and would prove to be a test for Carrie and the other 142 riders, with plenty of streams and rocky inclines to navigate.

Check out Carrie’s exclusive full report from her time:

“What an epic weekend away in Scunthorpe for my first time doing the Lakes 2 Day trial. It was a day full of streams mostly, and don’t get me wrong I love a stream section, but these were tough. They definitely didn’t go easy on us doing the clubman route! Just like at the White Rose, I tackled everything I could, had a few decent rides and I fought my way through for many 3’s and took 5’s wherever I saw fit to do so. Unfortunately, on the 33rd section I took quite a nasty fall down a banking and I landed heavy on the remains of a rocky slate wall. It jarred my hip quite badly and that left me in pain when trying to lift my left leg up, so even just changing gear hurt. I made the choice to take 5’s on the remaining 7 sections to just get to the end with my team.

I woke up still sore, but felt it was manageable and went into the day with a very accepting mindset that I would probably have to take a bunch of voluntary 5’s to get around, but nonetheless I was still going to learn and achieve something that day no matter how small, progress is progress no matter the size. So, off we went, and it was a lot more rocks, banking, and woodlands on the Sunday. My hip was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort, but painkillers and cold rub allowed me to battle on. I did all I could and asked for a 5 on anything I thought would risk further injury and jeopardise me finishing. Luckily, I collected no further war wounds and I once again managed to battle my way through to complete another very tough and well-known National Trial”.

A big well done to Carrie for battling hard on very tough track. We can’t wait to see you out there again back at it.