In an exhilarating night, Carrie Dickinson experienced her first indoor Trial. Accompanied by a couple of friends, she also contributed to the event by assisting her sponsors, Road and Trials, the presenting sponsor for Toni Bou that evening.

On the stage, 3 Brits and 5 Spaniards showcased their skills. In the initial round, all 8 riders took on the 6 sections consecutively within an 8-minute time limit. The S3/Tru7Group, RockOil, and Honda Hill sections posed minimal challenges for the competitors. Conversely, the Hope, Red Bull, and Inch Perfect sections witnessed the most dabs. Toni Bou emerged as the standout performer, delivering a flawless lap. Unfortunately, after the first round, competitors Hemingway, Green, Martin, and Gelabert were eliminated, leaving 4 out of the 5 Spaniards in the final.

Following a brief interval, Bou, Busto, Marcelli, and Raga prepared to navigate the 6 sections again, but in reverse order. Marcelli and Busto both incurred 5’s in Section 1, while Bou and Raga completed it without penalties. In Section 2, Bou and Busto went clean, though Busto received a time penalty for exceeding the 1-minute limit. The Red Bull Cages posed a challenge for Busto, Marcelli, and Raga, with only Bou making it through.

Marcelli outperformed Raga in the Honda Hill barrel race, and Busto inflicted a 1-point penalty on Bou during their barrel race heat. With 3 sections remaining, Bou maintained a comfortable lead. At the Rock Oil Rocks, Raga and Marcelli accumulated more points, leading to the penultimate section at the Inch Perfect Pipes, where all four finalists received maximum points.

Despite this, Bou’s victory was secured, and they all faced Honda Hill once more. In their final attempt, all four effortlessly ascended Honda Hill, with Bou’s victory already assured. Raga secured 2nd place, Busto took 3rd, and Marcelli finished in 4th.

Overall, it was a highly successful evening featuring world-class riding. The sponsors’ presented rider, Toni Bou, reclaimed his title as the King of Sheffield, making it a memorable night for Carrie Dickinson, who even had the opportunity to briefly meet the King himself!